A Day With Corey Yoder Hand Quilting Workshop

Moda's Corey Yoder is coming to the Shoppe for a one day workshop experience! She will be teaching a Hand Quilting workshop (scroll below) from 9am-12pm and a unique new workshop called Patchwork Magnets from 1pm-4pm on Wednesday, July 26 2017.

The Hand Quilting Workshop is $60 per person and includes full instruction by Corey. Sign up for one or sign up for both, the choice is yours!

Corey is the creator behind some of Moda's most darling new collections including:

Hand Quilting Class (9am-12pm)

For this class, Corey will teach the basics of big stitch hand quilting. You may also have heard this type of quilting referred to as long stitch quilting or pick stitching.  Corey will discuss the supplies she uses, basic quilting techniques, the design and you will mark the design in class. For this class, students will need to bring a completed mini quilt top that they would like to hand quilt (approx. 12”-18” square). 

Students will need the following items for the class:

1. A small, pieced mini quilt top. The design can be complex or simple and the project may be rectangular or square with the sides ranging from approximately 12” to 18”.

2. Batting—a piece approximately 1” larger on all sides than the mini quilt top. A low loft batting in either a cotton/poly blend or 100% poly is recommended as opposed to 100% cotton. 100% cotton battings do not work as well for hand quilting.

3. Backing fabric approximately 1” larger on all sides than the mini quilt top.

4. Thread—Either an 8 weight or a 12 weight perle cotton, both weights work well. Aurifil has a wonderful 12 wt. perle that I enjoy working with & Finca has a wonderful 8 wt. Those are my two go to brands. If you have a different preferred brand feel free to use that. You will need at least one color for your project but you can opt for more if you’d like.

5. Marking Tool—I use Dritz Mark B Gone. This will be used for marking the quilting lines. I advise against a Frixion pen for this step.

6. Ruler—to mark quilting lines. For a mini quilt, a 6 ½” x 18 ½” sized ruler is a great choice but other sizes can be used as well.

6. Needle—I often use a size 7 embroidery needle for hand quilting. The eye on this sized needle can be a little bit difficult to thread. If you are new to hand quilting, Pepper Cory had a Big Stitch needle variety pack you might wish to purchase. This lets you try out a variety of needles to find the one you prefer.

7. Thimble(optional)—If you have a thimble that you like to use bring it along. I often opt not to use one for smaller projects. I will discuss different types of thimbles during the class.

8. Scissors

9. 505 Spray & Fix—to spray baste your mini quilt

Corey Yoder

A Day With Corey Yoder Hand Quilting Workshop

$ 60.00
Instruction by Corey Yoder and trunk show